About CSS

Comprehensive Safety Systems, Inc. (CSS) was founded in 1993.  CSS's purpose is to serve the motorcycling community in providing premium quality rider's education and expertise to motorcyclists and power-sports enthusiasts in a three-state region, enhancing safe use and enjoyment of motorcycles for new and experienced riders.

As a non-profit commercial school, CSS administers a wide variety of courses and a more complete enrichment experience for the student.  CSS was established adopting capstone guiding principles that chart CSS's vision, whereby; 1) Be internationally recognized expert in motorcycle safety; 2) Judicious accountability, responsible stewardship and innovation; 3) Unwavering commitment to safety and rider responsibility.  Our strategic direction is continuing to strive to ensure the success of CSS and the satisfaction of our clients.  CSS will continue providing safety training on a wide variety of power-sports platforms.

CSS is a recognized national model for integrated and innovative vehicle safety training and we react to the demands of the market place.  The burgeoning increase of power sports has placed great demands on our training programs and CSS remains committed to keep our customers and clients with us going forward.