How Do You Get a Duplicate Course Completion Card?

If you have completed a course and are in need of a duplicate completion card:

Occasionally, a student will require a replacement for a lost or otherwise unrecoverable course completion card.  In these instances, a duplicate card may be issued.  As completion cards are controlled records, the process for issuing a duplicate completion card for any of our courses is as follows:
Send these three items:
a)  Check in the amount of $10.00 payable to Comprehensive Safety Systems, Inc. with "Duplicate Completion Card" on the memo line
b)  A short note identifying the student's full name at the time of course registration, date of birth, and the approximate month and year of the course completed
c)  A self-addressed stamped envelope
Comprehensive Safety Systems, Inc.
PO Box 185
Anoka, MN  55303
As soon as we receive the above items, we'll complete and record a duplicate course completion card and place it in the return envelope you provide.  Typical turn around is 3-5 business days from the time we receive your check and return envelope.

NOTE:  In the event we are unable to confirm your course completion, we will promptly return your check in the return envelope.